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Who is iFinca?

We exist to empower consumers and producers; building a more ethical supply chain. Our app connects you to the farmers behind your cup of coffee. Bridging the information gap, sharing producers’ stories and providing real data about how much they were paid, so that you can buy a coffee from a company whose values align with yours.

A Symbol of Trust

The iFinca Verified™ mark is a pledge to our farmer partners and to you. We guarantee to provide supply chain traceability, transparency, and demonstrate social and economic impact.

Why iFinca?

Most farmers do not make a living income from their coffee. Today, it’s not uncommon to pay $3.00 for a coffee, yet producers receive an average of 6¢ for the same cup.


Globally, there are over 21 million families who rely on coffee production. Yet it is an unreliable source of income. The prices consumers pay have continued to increase over the years but it’s an entirely different story for producers. The prices they receive have stagnated, and at times, even dropped. 

Are Struggling

While we enjoy our daily coffee, some producers see it as a poverty crop. The coffee industry’s roots in slavery and colonialism have led to appalling conditions and structural inequality in the long and obscure supply chain. A significant number of producers are being leveraged, exploited, and under-paid. 


iFinca started with the idea that more revenue should be shared directly with coffee farmers. We make this possible by putting greater power in the hands of buyers like you.

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Our mission is to improve farmers’ profit margins so their families have the chance of a sustainable future.

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