November 5, 2020

An Interview with Mugging Whales Premium Coffee Company

11/05/2020 - Heather Klassen, Owner - Mugging Whales Premium Coffee Company

Since we launched our business in 2018, we have struggled with providing more transparency about where our coffee comes from. We partner with a master roaster and we have sourced most of our coffee through him because of his expertise. But this means we don't get specific information about the farmers, farm-gate price, etc. As a result, we can only assume that the farmers are paid a fair price to give them a living income and ensure sustainable practices.

Starting with our recent purchase of iFinca coffee, our goal is to source all of our coffees directly from farmers and from organizations (such as iFinca) that provide transparency and traceability throughout the entire supply chain. We want to help consumers make the connection between their cup of coffee and how it was produced.

We want to help consumers become mindfully aware of the type of coffee they drink and where it comes from. As a roaster, we believe that any information about the origin of our coffees should be passed on to the consumer so they can make an informed purchase. The use of a QR code is a great way to make this information easily accessible and promote specialty coffee that can be traced from crop to cup.

A consumer who is new to specialty coffee must understand that the focus is on quality. Many of our customers were used to drinking commercial coffee with condiments (cream, sugar, flavoured sweeteners, etc.). The first time they purchased our specialty coffee, we encouraged them to try it black - they were completely surprised and impressed with the flavour! Through this comparison, consumers are able to experience the difference that quality makes. This is our opportunity to engage with consumers who are new to specialty coffee and begin to educate them about ethical consumption.